Friday, February 12, 2010

4th Week - 10 February 2010

On the 4th week, our final experiment is drying of fruits to make FRUIT LEATHER . This 'drying of fruits method' is using to keep and maintain the fruits longer for months. In this experiment, we are using fresh fruits - strawberry, kiwi, apple, dragon fruit and peach. Each group must make 2 numbers of fruit leather, 1st-using sugar and 2nd-using honey. Our group has given a task to make fruit leather from STRAWBERRY..

This time is much much more intresting. Colorful fruits experiment doesn't bored us..lets check it out!!

~Strawberry being cut by Afiq~

~A moment in the kitchen~

~Rashid and Aqmal continue to cut the strawberry~

~Strawberry being divided into 2 portion~

~Process of blending the strawberry~

~A look at blended strawberry~

~1 portion is for sugar while another 1 portion is for honey~

~The blended strawberry is being spreaded onto the baking tray~

~The blended strawberry is being spreaded onto the baking tray~

~The result when both fruit leather being baked and rested~

~Take a look at strawberry leather~

~Result of strawberry leather~

~Other group fruit leather~

~Other group fruit leather~

~Other group fruit leather~

~Other group fruit leather~

Monday, February 8, 2010

3rd Week - 3 February 2010

On the 3rd week, our 2nd experiment in class are GLUTEN BALL & BREAD BAKING. For GLUTEN BALL experiment, we have to characterize the development of wheat gluten in batters and dough using different types of flour. While for the BREAD BAKING experiment, we need to compare the differences in behavior between varying the amount of flour and number of kneading. Our team has given a task on BREAD BAKING experiment, where we have to do the '500 strokes kneading' and 'substitute the water with milk'. The result for both of the bread is totally different...

Come...lets have a look at those bread!!

~Afiq, Sarah and Rashid measuring the ingredients~

~Aqmal starting to mix the ingredients~

~the ingredients after being mixed~

~the ingredients~

~Rashid and Aqmal mixing the ingredients~

~the dough is being rested for half an hour~

~folding the dough to fit in the mould (after 1st rested)~

~the dough is being rested again before bake~

~result of the bread for 1st exp.(500 strokes kneading)~

~result of the bread for 2nd exp.(using milk)~

~result of breads from other groups' experiment~

~result of gluten balls from the experiment~

~students evaluating the result of experiments~

~Chef Zaid is cutting the bread to see the texture of the bread~

~result of gluten ball using all purpose flour~

~result of gluten ball using pastry flour~

~result of gluten ball using bread flour~

~result of gluten ball using cake flour~

~table chart for gluten ball result~

~table chart for bread result~

2nd Week - 27 January 2010

On the 2nd week...Chef Zaid gave us a paper draft which contain few experiments on food before the students start the major project...

For the 1st experiment (2nd week of class), we need to bake a basic cake which is called "Angel Cake". In this experiment, we need to test the cake using different methods and ingrediesnts. Our group has given a task to do an experiment on "varying the amount and type of flour". We need to evaluate the outcome after we decreased and increased the amount of flour, and substitute the flour with cornstarch. Other group were given their own task for this experiment too. At the end of the class, there were many types of result due to many experiments on the cake..

So, lets chesck it out....

~the ingredients using for Angel Cake~

~doing the ingredients measurement~

~Sarah is measuring the ingredient for the group experiment~

~result for decreased the amount of flour (1st exp.)~

~result for increased the amount of flour (2nd exp.)~

~students evaluating the outcomes of the experimented cake~

~texture of the cake from the 1st exp.~

~texture of the cake from the 2nd exp.~

~result for substitute the flour with cornstarch (3rd exp.)~

~table chart for Angel Cake experiment~

1st Week - 20 January 2010

On the 1st week...there was nothing much to do...only a briefing for the Food Innovation Design class from our beloved and single mingle Chef Zaid...he sterssed out on the actual defination of the term "food innovation design" and briefed us about the outline of this subject and what we're about to go through for this semester...quite intresting rite?!

The major project of our subject is to...form a group of 4 students, each group must come up with their own new innovated product. The final product will be presented and judged at the end of the semester in an exhibition that organized by the coorperation of Tourism and Culinary Art Faculty. This exibition will be a platform for students to compete among each other in a constructive way. This exibition will also be showed in 'Apa-Apa Aje' show on TV3 (haven't confirmed yet)...finally there was a briefing from Mr. Zulkifli a.k.a Pakcik Zul on the new rules and regulation for the kitchen.

So.....lets check out all the excitement that we're about to go through starting from next week and onward..we'll keep u guys updated from week to week..stay tune and click us at and be our follower!!!

MangoSteam Team!!

our team members consist of :

1. Muhammad Aqmal Bin Tapsir (KJC0850005)
2. Muhammad Rashid Ali Bin Abdul Kalam (KJC0850056)
3. Sarah Binti Mohd Khir (KJC0850199)
4. Ahmad Nor Afiq Bin Ahmad Yasir (KJC0850040)