Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I-Food Exhibition Day - 14th April 2010




  • Sarah Binti Mohd Khir (KJC 0850199)

  • Mohd Aqmal Bin Tapsir (KJC 0850005)

  • Ahmad Nor Afiq Bin Ahmad Yasir (KJC 0850040)

  • Muhammad Rashid Ali Bin Abdul Kalam (KJC 0850056)


Alhamdulillah, at last we have finally finished our final project and completing the Food & Innovation Design subject.

Thousands of thank to Chef Zaid who has been a wonderful, supportive and a great guider for our group to complete this major project. He has been a very supportive and guide us through these whole semester and completed our experiment every single week for this past 4 months.

Piling of thanks to our group members Sarah Binti Mohd Khir, Mohd Aqmal Bin Tapsir, Muhammad Rashid Ali Bin Abdul Kalam and Ahmad Nor Afiq Bin Ahmad Yasir for their never ending spirit, corporation and faith to stay fit and focus through this whole semester and finally completed this project.


Pasta curry leaf is a new taste of pasta which we would like to introduce as a fusion pasta. This pasta is basically made by using the basic fresh pasta recipe and we twisted it with adding a Malaysian flavor which commonly used in Malaysian dish; curry leaf.

By using this pasta curry leaf, we tried to innovate and turned it into further dish product. Finally, our final product is Curry Leaf Ravioli with Tuna Curry Filling. This dish will represent a fusion and outstanding Malaysian flavor.


The main objective in making curry leaf pasta is to introduce to people that eventhough pasta is basically an Italian food, we also can turn it into varieties of pasta and add more flavor into it.


First of all, we had a discussion between our group members. We discussed about how to expand and braoden our ideas for our main product. Each and every time before we started our kitchen class, everybody i our group will gave out an idea on how to improvise our curry leaf pasta.

Every week in class, we will use the same method and ingredients to make the pasta. In the same time, we will improvise and observe on the time to make the pasta, the taste and the texture of the final product at the end of the class. From these observation, we will come out with new methods on how to improvise the technique for the next class.




A week before the event on 7th April, we made the ravioli and we planned on frozen it. This will let us know either the pasta can be lasted unitl the day of event or not. We afraid if it wont last, this will cause us problems on the event day itself. A week after on 13th April, we had a check on the frozen ravioli to make sure it was still in a good condition. On the 13th April itself, we made a box of ravioli and frozen it together with the last week ravioli. These ravioli we will use it as the product that we are going to present to judges and other guests on the event day (14th April).


On Wednesday, 14th April 2010 is the most important day for all the students who involved in Food Innovation & Design. This event took place in Student Lounge at UNITAR Kelana Jaya. This is the day that all of us have been waiting for. This day also is the day where our product will be judged by 3 most important person; Maria Tunku Sabri, Chef Adzhar Md. Zin and Mr. William Quah.

We have started our day at the kitchen at 8.00 a.m. All the preparation for the ravioli and booth decoration had to be done before 10.00 a.m because the judges and V.I.Ps will be arriving at that time. Only 2 members of the group, Sarah and Aqmal responsible at the booth for presenting the product to the judges. The other 2 members, Afiq and Rashid were assigned to take in charge for the kitchen and food preparation.

-our booth with & apple chips group-

-MangoSteam table-

-judges judging our ravioli-

-sarah explain to judges about our product-

-judges evaluating our product-

-fried and boiled ravioli-


After the event finished, all students headed back to kitchen to clean up our own station. For the winner group, they share their prizes with group members. For other groups, we took pictures and share thoughts and opinion of what had happened during the event. As our group, we were satisfied of what we had pulled and gave out for the events.


We faced lots of problem during making this product succeed especially before the event day. In order to make the perfect curryleaf pasta, we had to measure the precise amount af all the ingredients and we had to make the filling of the ravioli in a perfect and right thickness so that it wont leak out from the ravioli. But in the end, we came out with the right thickness of the tuna filling.

We also faced some problems during the event day. That morning during the preparation, we thought of having the ravioli steam rather then boil it. But steaming the ravioli took longer time. Eventually, we decided to make it half steam and half boil. It turned out to be good.


Curry leaf pasta is just an easy dish to make. Basically you will just need the basic fresh pasta ingredients and you can just simply add your desirable flavors into it.


As our observation throughout these activities in class and completing Food Innovation & Design subject, we found out that innovating a new product is an excellent platform to bring our own ideas especially when using local ingredients to the higher level. We finally had our own product which at first we used the Italian food as our basic product and then twisted it with our local herbs, that is curry leaf.

13th week - 13th April 2010

Today chef Zaid ask us to come to kitchen to make a preparation for our product for tomorrow's event which is the exhibition day....
We make a lot of ravioli today....
Other team that compete in this exhibition day also come for today to prepare their product too...
So today will be the hectic day...
We manage to prepare 2 boxes of ravioli...
Our original plan is to boiled the ravioli but today we came up with an idea which is to fried the ravioli...
So there will be 2 product which is boiled and fried ravioli....

12th week - 7th April 2010

This week, we continue making our product which is "Curry Leaf Ravioli With Tuna Curry Filling"....
Chef Zaid told us to make a bunch of this ravioli and kept it into the freezer...
He said he wanted to see the ravioli whether it will be in good condition or not after a week if we frozen it...
So we make a bunch of ravioli and kept it into the freezer for a week....

11th week - 31st March 2010

For this week, we continue our project which is "Curry Leaf Ravioli With Tuna Curry Filling"...
Our product still not perfect, so we make an improvement....
We have been briefed and discussed for about our product if it has any other solution to make our product perfect....

10th week - 24th March 2010

There is no class for today..

9th week - 17th March 2010

Last week, our group has already droped the original plan for the food innovation which is strawberry pasta...
We came up an idea which is curry leaf pasta...
Then we make it into ravioli...
If we make a ravioli, it will need a filling...
So we came up with an idea which is we want to make this ravioli into Malaysian style. The idea is tuna curry filling and chicken curry filling....
But lastly we need to choose only one filling for our exhibition...
So our new product will be "Curry Leaf Ravioli With Tuna Curry Filling"...

-this is the tuna curry filling-

-this is the chicken curry filling-

-in making of tuna curry filling-

-tuna curry filling-

8th week - 10th March 2010

For this week, we continue in doing the strawberry ravioli....
The picture for this week will be same as last topic which the week that we started making the strawberry ravioli...
We dropped the idea of the chocolate fettucine because chef didn't give us permission...
So we decided to go on with the strawberry ravioli and curry leaf fettucine...

7th week - 3rd March 2010

After 2 weeks of trying the Strawberry Pasta, we try another invention using the same basic pasta product-Ravioli with Strawberry Filling, Curry Leaf Fettucine, and Chocolate Fettucine...

-chocolate fettucine-

-chocolate fettucine-

-curry leaf fettucine-

-curry leaf and chocolate fettucine (before boil)-

-strawberry filling for strawberry ravioli-

-drying the pasta-

-boiled strawberry ravioli-

-process of making the strawberry ravioli-

-curry leaf pasta dough-

-pasta sheet for strawberry ravioli-

-process of making curry leaf dough-

-ingredients of curry leaf pasta-

-drying the fresh curry leaf after wash it-

6th week - 24th February 2010

For this week activity, we continue the Strawberry Pasta and we add more colour to the pasta so that it can be identify as a Strawberry Pasta.
We add strawberry paste into the dough to make it reddish color.
As our last week experiment, we are using the basic pasta dough recipe but we add the strawberry paste and chopped fresh strawberry.

-the pasta sheet after being rolled-

-the strawberry fettucine-

-strawberry pasta dough-

-strawberry pasta dough-

-strawberry fettucine-

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5th week - 17th February 2010

This is our first class of starting our own product experiment. Our product which is STRAWBERRY PASTA has been accepted by Chef Zaid as our main product of this project.

Our pasta basically is flavored with fresh strawberries. This pasta is served as a dessert course.

-pasta that has been rolled and become fettucine-

-separating the fettucine-

-rashid and sarah post with the strawberry pasta-

-these are the ingredients that we use for making strawberry pasta-

-strawberry pasta ingredients-

-strawberry paste-

-aqmal, sarah and rashid post before the class started-